paypal payment issues

2014-01-15 02:40:04

some users may experience issues with payment over can contact me on skype fastunlocking1981 or send me email on and I will give you directions how you can pay and I will add you credits manually

server overload

2013-12-20 03:56:52

please before u add look at queue time..server is currently overloaded and waiting time is as you can see it...but that is just estimated time...some users press fast service button and you can wait little bit longer

server update

2013-08-09 08:54:21

model field added to check each log uploaded to server (red is possible that model has 20-digit nck code).

when u add log to queue and it shows red please check with software you use to read log one more time if it shows 15-digit or 20-digit nck.